Meet the Team

Vicki Washington



As a young child I was gifted with a strong intuition as a sixth sense, this has continued throughout my life. Over the years I’ve been described as a bit of a quirky, curious character always asking questions and a bit of a chatterbox!  Fortunately, my dad recognised all my traits and sat me down one day… “Vic you have two ears and one mouth, always use in that order”

These wise words have stuck with me throughout my life and help me connect and understand people … thanks Dad xx


  • Originally a graphic designer (please note in those days no computers just tin baths!)
  • Years later a new opportunity came knocking on my door, Group Sales & Marketing Manager of a B2B publishers. 1992, I was nominated by the government to attend The Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in recognition for the innovation I introduced into the business community… this was a special day!


Previous 2 years, I constantly listened to boardroom colleagues who unfortunately only seemed to care about feathering their own careers and thought little about the hearts and minds of their people within the workforce. I had to make a decision … continue with a fat wage packet or make a difference in life.

I had a vision to create a business which was not just about commercial gain but would allow my passion to help change thought patterns in people, behaviour and culture change

First client, BAE Systems needed to bring their SHE professionals together along with their Supply Chain to share new ways of thinking and behaving. This annual event grew legs … from small beginnings it became a global event. Year 12, the event “Partnership for Success” was nominated for the company’s Chairman’s Award.

2010, The SHE Show was born, I recognised a distinct gap in the marketplace to create a Safety, Health & Environment Event which would have a unique personality.


Max Washington



Growing up I was a keen sportsman, captaining my local football team for many years and winning plenty of trophies along the way. Always leading by example (and dare I say), never scared of putting a few strong challenges in. Which on numerous occasions led to the manager asking my parents “what do you feed him on…raw meat?” When I wasn’t playing football, I could be found on the golf course, or should I say in the trees looking for all the lost balls I’d hit!

As a child I was extremely competitive, my Mum and I constantly played memory games, which I was always determined to win. This put me in good stead during my school years, providing the ability to absorb and retain information and here’s a little unknown fact about myself… along with 3 others of my classmates, we represented our school for the Lancashire School District Library Quiz – which we won!


Upon leaving school, I was undecided which direction to take. Achieving excellent exam results, the world was my oyster as they say! However, I initially decided to take a year out of studying and get a taste of what the real world was all about and started work the next day.

As a keen golfer, fresh out of school, I was given an amazing opportunity, the dream job, joining the family business, running a Mini Golf and Team Building Activity Park along with my Dad! (I suppose now I’ve said that, there is no excuse for terrible putting!).

Several years later I was ready for my next challenge. Having completed numerous NVQ’s during my time at the Mini Golf and Team Building Activity Park I was approached by the training provider to join their team. Training and supporting disadvantaged 16-18-year olds from diverse backgrounds in customer service and retail. My role was to work alongside the course tutor, help build learners CV’s, prep them for interviews and actively go out and find work placements, which in turn would lead to permanent employment.


I found that helping others in this way gave me an immense satisfaction and this is something I have found myself continually doing with friends and family to date.

In 2012, I once again joined the family business, this time with my Mum, Vicki, in the Conference and Events industry at Washingtondowling Associates Ltd. Utilizing my creative vision and practical approach in order to implement new technologies to drive the business forward.

Jeanette Marshall

Corporate Sales & Event Manager


I’ve always been a people person and had a passion to make a difference…I also wanted to be an accomplished drummer but that’s another story!

At the tender age of 19,  I got my first taste of the hospitality industry…bit of a baptism of fire really when on week 2 I arrived in the events office to find I was the only one left in the team (the other two girls had walked out the night prior)…the Sales Director plonked an Amstrad computer (top of the range in those days ;)) on my desk and said “just the two of us now and we’ve got a function sheet to produce!”.


After three decades (that’s a lot of Christmas parties and turkey!) I’ve been both privileged and humbled to meet some inspirational people over the years and share a part of their lives.  One such encounter was when I first met Vicki, she was sourcing a venue to host a BAE Systems Supply Chain conference, I showed her around the hotel and we instantly clicked and have been best friends ever since.

Fast forward to 2016, when I was Group Sales & Marketing Manager for a small chain of hotels, and Vicki, who having founded The SHE Shows a number of years earlier had since successfully established them firmly within the SHE arena.  We met for our regular catch up coffee and the conversation turned to the usual topic, our aspiration to work together, only this time the outcome was different…the timing was right for us both and a few months later I joined Vicki and Max.


The SHE Show North West 2016. We’re a friendly bunch and here I got chatting with a HSEQ Director, after hearing why he regularly attended the SHE Shows, how a positive culture & behaviour were so important and experiencing the sincerity in his voice when saying he cared about the safety of everyone in the business and wanted to do his upmost to make sure people went home to their families at the end of the day…his words resonated with me and cemented my union with The SHE Show…here’s to many more years working together to change hearts and minds!

Next Year’s Events

The SHE Show South
15th June 2021
DoubleTree by Hilton
Stadium MK, Milton Keynes


Sponsored by

The SHE Show North West
21st September 2021
Old Trafford
The Home of Manchester United


The SHE Show North East
23rd November 2021
St James’ Park
Newcastle United Football Club



One of the best SHE Shows i have been to kept me captivated the whole day. All round excellent day which I learned a lot and met some great people.

The Restaurant Group

The SHE Show was well organised with the highest quality of inspirational presentations and presenters. The whole idea of attending anything like this is to be able to take something away from it that will change and improve your perception of life and how you behave in regard to not only yourself but to everyone around you. I certainly got that and appreciate all the presenters for giving me that. Thank you all.

AM Fabrication (Northern) Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I’ve attended a few Health & Safety seminars/conferences but this was by far the best I’ve been to. Brilliant presentations…I’ll be back.