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Conference Programme

Evening Prior to The SHE Show

6:30 PM – 7:15 PM

Networking Evening Drinks Reception

A great way to kick start the evening prior to the show by networking with like minded individuals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


7:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Networking Evening Dinner

Enjoy a scrumptious 3 course meal with inspirational after dinner entertainment.


After Dinner Speaker

9:15 PM – 10:15 PM


Adopting a Champion Mindset

Jenna Downing, World Champion Inline Skater

World Champion Inline Skater, Jenna Downing, knows what it takes to be the best. Jenna has had to overcome a whole range of challenges and setbacks to achieve her World Champion status and now Jenna wants to share her learning with you to help you achieve your potential and become your own Champion of Success.

Jenna Downing is an LG Action Sports World Champion, a 10 x British Champion and a former X-Games silver medallist.  A natural competitor, Jenna has competed in inline skating events since the tender age of 7 and has amassed a lifetime of awards competing across the globe in televised and major international events. After turning professional at the age 12 (making Jenna the youngest female skater in the world to ever turn pro) there was no stopping her and Jenna has gone on to become an institution in British rollerblading.

On the Day of The SHE Show

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Registration, Breakfast Reception and Exhibition Viewing

8:30 AM – 8:50 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Duncan Aspin, HSEQS and Information Management Director, VolkerStevin

Duncan has worked in construction for over 30 years both operationally on site and as a health and safety professional. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing successful behaviour change within organisations and champions embracing a positive, inclusive and solution focused culture.

Overcoming Adversity and Resilience

8:50 AM – 9:35 AM


The Story of 4 Journeys

Lee Spencer BEM, The Rowing Marine

Lee Spencer has lived a life of courage and humour most of us couldn’t dream of.

Growing up in a household dominated by alcoholism and domestic violence, to leading Royal Marines in war. Operating undercover in Afghanistan as a volunteer for Special Duties to saving his own life on the side of a UK motorway. Losing a leg and becoming disabled to smashing the able-bodied record for rowing solo and unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean and the World’s only physically disabled person to hold the World Record in an endurance event!

During, Lee’s inspirational talk, he will also share the psychology of how dreaming to believe in yourself is far more powerful than just having the determination to succeed.

Key takeaways include:

– Teamwork has power! From someone who was completely alone for 60 days.
– I am absolutely bang average in every respect. With a positive and resilient mindset, we can all achieve the extraordinary.
– None of us can ever fully comprehend our potential.

Behaviour and Culture Change

9:35 AM – 10:20 AM


Making Change Stick!

David McLean, Director, David McLean Consultancy

It can be frustrating when you know that personally, you’re not fulfilling your potential.

The frustrating part is that you are certain that it’s within you to do it. Just how do you take that inner knowing into something that’s visible to see and how does your business culture effect this?

David with his broad and comprehensive understanding of evolutionary, behavioural, and positive psychology, will take us through the journey of how together, we can provoke and inspire long-lasting, positive change within our people and our businesses.

Key takeaways include:

– How to create immediate and profound change in our life and in our results.
– How we can harness the power of our own psyche to enact positive change.
– How to create a quantum leap in your life.
– How creating individual change within yourself can foster change within your team and your business.
– Cultural change and its inextricable link to increased profit.

10:20 AM – 10:25 AM


10:25 AM – 11:25 AM

Refreshments and Exhibition Viewing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

11:25 AM – 12:10 PM


A Game of Snakes & Ladders

Kristian Thomas, Player Care & Engagement Manager, Premier League, and Former Olympic Medallist

Kristian will be using the analogy of explaining mental health as similar to the game of snakes & ladders in the sense that it’s fluid, can be highs and very quickly into lows and then how we can win at snakes & ladders.

The talk will also cover how proactive holistic wellbeing plays a significant role in supporting your mental health, and others around you.

 Key takeaways include:

– What is wellbeing and how to win at snakes & ladders?
– The importance of wellbeing being a strategic choice.
– The stakeholder pitch.

Climate Change and Sustainability

12:10 PM – 12:55 PM


Turning Hot Air Into Cool Actions – Making Your Climate Strategy Happen

Ed Gillespie, Writer, Poet and Futurist

Back by popular demand Ed Gillespie follows up on 2023’s hard-hitting ‘big picture’ provocation on climate change with an inspirational ‘how to’ plan for effective climate action and decarbonisation. We all ‘get’ the climate challenge, the difficult bit is how to build a practical, hands-on response. This talk, developed exclusively for The SHE Show, will take the audience on an entertaining journey through the key things, opportunities and pitfalls every organisation should seek to achieve, or avoid, on their climate change journey to Net Zero.

Key takeaways include:

– Where to begin? So much climate action falls at the first hurdle because the scale and urgency of the challenge can feel overwhelming. So we’ll break it down into some simple, straightforward and specific practical actions.
– Who’s leading? Pioneering and inspirational examples of climate action are all around us, you’ll get an authentic sense of who the truly radical actors are, as well as the unsung heroes doing great work beyond day-to-day recognition.
– Here comes everyone! Climate action is a team sport, that involves a whole organisation from the shopfloor to the Boardroom. Get insights into how to build a coherent and creative plan that really works.

12:55 PM – 1:00 PM


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Legal Advice and Updates

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM


Employee Mental Health: A Growing Challenge

Mark Scoggins, Solicitor Advocate, Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP

Fuelled by the pandemic lockdowns and an increase in self-reporting, mental health problems in the workforce are looming large.

In March 2024 the Resolution Foundation reported that 69% of those undergoing Work Capability Assessments for Universal Credit in 2022-23 cited mental and behavioural disorders.

In autumn 2023 the HSE relaunched its campaign to combat mental health illness induced by working conditions and expanded its scope to higher-risk sectors such as construction.

Key takeaways include:

– Employee mental health is an H&S issue, not simply a HR referral
– HSE will scrutinise your approach to tackling employee stress.
– WFH will exacerbate the downward trend: get ahead of the curve.

Inspirational Leadership

2:45 PM – 3:30 PM


Building World-Class Teams

Major Scotty Mills, Royal Marines (Retired)

Back by popular demand, Scotty Mills will be delivering his new presentation!

Leaders set the tone and environment for any organisation to succeed. Be the standard.

Scotty will share his unique experiences, how he transformed from being a Marine on the ground, to one of their key commanders leading Britain’s Green Berets around the globe.

He will illustrate how to overcome any adversity by taking ownership of the key moments. Raise you head above the parapet and be prepared to do things that most won’t do.

Its ok to fail, learn from it and bounce back to show the resilience you need to be able to overcome.

And finally, Scotty will share his World Record journey and how his team adapted and responded when the pressure was on…

Key takeaways include:

– Grow your confidence and belief in yourself and your team.
– Overcome any adversity by taking ownership of the key moments.
– If your life is free of failure, then you have not pushed yourself hard enough.

3:30 PM – 3:40 PM

Closing Remarks