Often we react in a way that is not in line with good health and performance, when under stress.

When we are under stress, we focus on very little and have reduced space, for thinking or conversation.

To this end, find some brief top tips that are more likely to help you reduce stress to become a better version of yourself.

Top Tips

  1. Create space to stop and think each day. Diarise it. Stick to it.
  2. On a pad of paper, write out all the thoughts that are going around in your head at that particular moment.
  3. For each point, ask yourself – “Where is the evidence for this feeling”? This allows you to see what is fact (probably a little) compared to all the add-ons and extra emotion you have attached to what the facts may actually be (we add A LOT of stuff that is not true!)
  4. Rub out / scribble out the made up stuff now, as it’s made up so it’s irrelevant.
  5. Breathe for at least 2 minutes, focusing on what you need to move forward with from what is left on the paper.

Create space to learn what is inside your head, so you can separate fact from fiction. If you do this, a more relaxed, informed and open version of you is encouraged to be present.

So simple, yet it’s the simple things we take for granted.

Written by Bruce Durham, Collaborative Engagement Specialist, Huddle Culture for The SHE Show North East 2019.

Please note, the views expressed by the original article author are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent those of Washingtondowling Associates Ltd or The SHE Show and therefore we take no responsibility for the content or accuracy of this post.