Ludicrous‌ ‌Leadership – Part 3 

Useful phrases for the leader who has long ago been rendered obsolete, but hasn’t realized it yet…

– By Nigel Girling

What they say….

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”

Usually the province of the manager who is far too busy (and important) to give time to their people. After all, you don’t keep a dog and bark yourself do you? You should be solving your own problems, not running to me all the time. It’s just my way of developing you so that you can learn to be self-sufficient.

Anyway, you can usually work out the best answer for yourself and then it will build your self-esteem and confidence for the future.

Now I come to think about it, in many ways I’m actually helping you more by not helping you with the problem.

What they really mean…

I can’t be bothered to help you, and anyway I have no idea what to do

This is a more difficult one, because it could actually be the right thing to say…. But only if it really is an opportunity for the team or individual to learn and grow and they are ready to take that step. If it’s just the manager not wanting to engage with their people or a glib way of pushing the team’s problems back onto the staff – then it’s not good, or even acceptable, behaviour. If it’s also because of a complete lack of the skills and relevant understanding that would enable the manager to help the team to solve the problem, then that will be seen soon enough, and the people will act accordingly.

Written by Nigel Girling, Senior Consultant, Inspirational Development Group

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