At MSite, we’re about leading a movement towards safer, healthier, and more sustainable construction environments through data driven decision making. Our alignment with The SHE Show’s core pillars underscores our commitment to not only meet but set new industry standards, driving best practices for the construction Industry.

MSite is at the forefront of redefining digital construction workforce management by converting time-consuming manual tasks into an efficient digital ecosystem. Our integrated software and hardware solutions form a comprehensive digital toolkit, enabling seamless recording and reporting of activities of both pre-site and on-site. This ensures that contractors gain unparalleled insights and complete transparency over their project operations.

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From modern slavery and social value to carbon footprint and health and safety compliance, MSite empowers contractors to meet their obligations efficiently. By digitising manual tasks, MSite saves significant administrative time and reduce paper usage, boosting site productivity and ensuring consistent compliance throughout a project’s lifecycle.

“We are delighted to welcome MSite onboard as the Networking Lunch and Catering Area Sponsor. As a business we feel it is essential to ailign our brand with organisations who share our values and ethos! It’s fantastic to see that MSite’s offering also focuses on the 6 key elements featured at The SHE Show furthermore aligning both brands”

Max Washington, Director at The SHE Show

Bridging MSite’s Mission with The SHE Show’s Objectives

By aligning with The SHE Show, MSite reaffirms its dedication to excellence and innovation in the construction sector. We’re not just participating in the conversation; we are joining The SHE Show in leading it, championing a future where every construction site reflects the highest standards of safety, health, and environmental care. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for construction.

– Climate Change & Sustainability

Reduce paperwork and leveraging data analytics to reduce waste and carbon footprint through optimised resource and energy use.

– Overcoming Adversity & Resilience

Our social value reporting, including local hiring and apprenticeships, boosts opportunities and skill development in construction.

– Legal Advice & Updates

Streamline governance in construction by ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing transparency with a digital audit trail and simplified reporting mechanisms.

– Behaviour and Culture Change

Advance workforce well-being, safety, inclusivity and diversity through digital training, competency tracking, and transparent labor management.

– Mental Health & Wellbeing

Reduce stress through digital task management, streamlining tasks, improving work-life balance and foster a safer environment while also identifying stress patterns for timely intervention.

– Inspirational Leadership

Support the industry’s workforce through collaborative digitalisation to simplify process, enabling the delivery of high performing and compliant construction projects strengthening the Built Environment for all.

The MSite Worker Journey

By providing accurate, real-time data on worker’s accreditation, qualifications, right to work credentials and enrolment status. We are able to ensure only qualified personnel are on-site, reducing accident risks and meeting strict regulations.

Quick access to this data is crucial in emergencies, potentially saving lives. MSite also keeps the site secure by monitoring who is on site and what activity they are undertaking, preventing unauthorised access and reducing the risk of potential incidents. Essentially, MSite is vital for safely and effectively managing construction sites, keeping them compliant and secure.

MSite reports on worker activity at two different stages: Pre-Site and On-Site. This enables the reporting and analytic In-Sites for decision makers, empowering: consistent, accurate & timely data, visibility of projects, standardisation and better planning & execution.

Our vision for the industry is to support the industry’s workforce through collaborative digitalisation to simplify process, enabling the delivery of high performing and compliant construction projects strengthening the Built Environment for all.

MSite’s collaboration with The SHE Show marks a pivotal step towards revolutionizing the construction industry with digital solutions that prioritise safety, health, and environmental sustainability. By leveraging digital technology to streamline workforce management and enhance project transparency, MSite is not just meeting industry standards but setting new benchmarks. This partnership embodies a shared vision for a future where digital advancements drive the construction sector towards greater efficiency, compliance, and social responsibility.

About MSite:

Part of the Infobric Group, MSite has operated in the construction industry for more than 20 years with values based on embracing challenge, achieving together and doing the right thing. With an end-to-end workforce management solution ranging from pre-site registration and inductions through to access control, site briefings and workforce management, MSite is trusted by leading names such as Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall, Sisk and BAM across all construction levels and sectors including commercial, housebuilding, infrastructure, refit and utilities.

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