The SHE Show North East 2023, is celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary in the North East, and we have another amazing, dynamic line-up of speakers and presentations designed to inspire, motivate, and provide new and innovative thought patterns.

The event will be taking place, Tuesday 28th March 2023, and this year we will be moving to a fantastic new venue – The Hilton Newcastle Gateshead!

We are delighted to announce:

Shirley Parsons Ltd, a Professional Talent Practice specialising in the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality profession will be our Official Event Partner and Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, the only charity that provides emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families, will be our Official Chosen Event Charity Partner.

As Washingtondowling Associates Ltd, (owner’s and organisers of The SHE Show) are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we would like to welcome our new sustainability partner Delta-Simons, who we will be working closely with to identify how we can reduce our carbon footprint over the next 5 years.

The Safety Knife Company, will once again be Sponsoring the Delegate Goodie Bags. For nearly 30 years, The Safety Knife Company has been helping businesses to reduce workplace knife accidents.

This year’s table gifts will be sponsored by Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd, KeypointNotify Technology and Radiodetection.

Established in 2009 in the North West, The SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Show conference and exhibition is a national event held at three locations across the UK. The annual series of events offers a dynamic line-up of speakers designed to inspire, motivate and provide new and innovative thought patterns to over 200 delegates. Initially targeting senior SHE professionals from cross sectoral industries – who form the vast majority of the audience. The forward thinking and out of the box nature of the event also attracts Senior Managers/Directors outside of the SHE arena. Created with the ambition to change thought patterns and help make a difference to how people, feel, think and importantly behave to encourage safe working environments, emphasising the importance of creating a successful SHE culture within any organisation and encourages all departments to resonate with the view that Safety, Health and Environment should be seen as a value and not just a priority.

This year’s prestigious conference is all about people, behaviour and culture change and focuses on six key elements:

  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Overcoming Adversity and Resilience
  • Legal Advice and Updates
  • Behaviour and Culture Change
  • Inspirational Leadership

Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin will facilitate the event and will be joined by:

– Mark Scoggins (After Dinner Speaker)
– Ed Gillespie (Climate Change & Sustainability Key Note Speaker)
– Dr Helen Garr (Mental Health & Wellbeing Key Note Speaker)
– Bruce Durham (Behaviour & Culture Change Key Note Speaker)
– Justin Manley (Overcoming Adversity & Resilience Key Note Speaker)
– Mark Scoggins (Legal Advice & Updates Key Note Speaker)
– Bob Cummins (Behaviour & Culture Change Key Note Speaker)
– Stewart Hill (Inspirational Leadership Key Note Speaker)

Our first speaker of the day, Ed Gillespie will cover our Climate Change and Sustainability element. Ed will take us through the omnishambles/polycrisis of today with raw honest truth and humour, explain how we got into such a ‘hot mess’ and how we might best begin to wriggle our way out if it – together

Next to the stage will be Dr Helen Garr, who will cover the Mental Health and Wellbeing element. Helen will provide us with hints and tips to become better at stress by uncovering your inner superhero. You will learn how your favourite childhood superhero and real-life heroes can help you manage even the most stressful situations.

Following Helen will be Bruce Durham, our first Behaviour and Culture Change speaker, Bruce will talk about, how many of us think we actually get ‘the truth’ from an accident investigation. Organisations spend millions of pounds each year fixing things that actually didn’t need to be fixed, as we didn’t get to what really occurred. As an EHS professional, this will resonate with you!

This short session will give some tools that you can use instantly to help develop more psychological safety in your team. It’s not about seeing who is lying, it’s about noticing when people are uncomfortable, to then build a better connection with that person. If you feel safe, you are more likely to share more accurate information. People supporting people.

Our mid-morning session will start with Justin Manley, who will cover Overcoming Adversity and Resilience. Justin was a highly skilled pipe technician and a team leader within the utilities industry. On the 28th October 2015, the decision to attend to a burst water main with a colleague proved to be one of life or death. Whilst repairing a burst water main, a miscommunication resulted in the mains water being switched on before the job had been completed and the pressure of the water forcing a torque wrench into his face at around 80mph. He was knocked unconscious and was at the bottom of a hole which was rapidly filling with water. Justin will openly share the devastating consequences of that day and how fatigue was a contributory factor of what virtually cost him his life.

Next will be Mark Scoggins to cover our Legal Advice and Updates element. Mark will give practical tips on how to set up an internal investigation into an untoward event and limit the damage it may cause if criminal charges loom or a compensation claim is in the pipeline. Accidents and incidents in the workplace give cause for concern, and rightly so. How best should employers go about investigating the causes and finding fixes to prevent recurrence without prejudicing their prospects of successful defence of a subsequent prosecution for breaching health and safety laws? Is there a duty in law to carry out an investigation? Who should lead it and can its findings be withheld from the HSE or other enforcing authority? What comments should be avoided and how are its conclusions best expressed?

Our penultimate speaker will be Bob Cummins, who will also cover Behaviour and Culture Change. Bob will explain how you can create a culture of certainty through Behavioural Integrity. He will discuss how it can be measured and purposefully improved, which in turn, will create safer, more productive places of work.

Our final speaker will be Stewart Hill, who will cover our Inspirational Leadership element. Stewart is a strong, inspirational leader who faced many challenges in his life. He served as an army officer for 18 years and was medically discharged after being very seriously wounded in action. In spite of his brain disability, Stewart continues to live by example. The subject of his talk, Choosing Coherent Leadership, comes from aligning our values and building trust so we can become true representatives of what our business stands for.

The evening prior, The SHE Show Team have a brilliant night lined up. There’s the opportunity to network and meet with old and new friends. It kicks off with a Networking Drinks Reception followed by Networking Evening Dinner.

The after-dinner speaker presentation is also one not to be missed…

Mark Scoggins, Solicitor Advocate, Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP

A life in the law: 45 years in the criminal courts

Mark Scoggins will seek to entertain you with the history of his most memorable brief: out of all the huge and high profile cases he’s handled down the years, it’s not one you might expect!

For more information, please contact [email protected] / 01257 450 060