Conference Programme

Tuesday 26th April 2022, St James’ Park, Newcastle United Football Club

Evening Prior to The SHE Show (Monday 25th April 2022)

7:00 PM – 7:45 PM

Networking Evening Drinks Reception

A great way to kick start the evening prior to the show by networking with like minded individuals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


8:00 PM – 10:15 PM

Networking Evening Dinner

Enjoy a scrumptious 3 course meal with light hearted after dinner entertainment.

After Dinner Speaker

Big Hairy Audacious Goals and the Power of Music

Trevor Gibson 

Our after dinner presenter is also one not to be missed … Trevor Gibson, star of Scream for Me Sarajevo. He will tell his amazing story, share his own methodology of how you as an individual can achieve Big Hairy Audacious Goals and explain how he organised the biggest hairiest most audacious gig in the history of the music industry with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, headlining a show in Sarajevo in 1994 in the midst of an active war.


On the Day of The SHE Show (Tuesday 26th April 2022)

7:15 AM – 8:45 AM

Registration, Breakfast Reception and Exhibition Viewing

8:45 AM – 8:55 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin

Duncan has worked in construction for over 30 years both operationally on site and as a health and safety professional. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing successful behaviour change within organisations and champions embracing a positive, inclusive and solution focused culture.

Overcoming Adversity and Resilience

8:55 AM – 9:45 AM


Finding Resilience Through Adversity

Stewart Hill

A truly inspirational story, Stewart is living proof of the brain’s ability to grow and of a person to flourish. Stewart faced many testing physical environments as a British Army officer, particularly in warfighting operations, all of which challenged his mindset and allowed him to become stronger and resilient. His life changed the moment shrapnel exploded into his brain, whilst on operations in Afghanistan in 2009. Medically discharged from the Army in 2012 after 3 years of rehabilitation it was an end to his 18 years of service, a life he loved.

–  Minimise negative emotions … Negative emotions are normal and cannot be eliminated. We need to identify and rid our minds of corrosive negativity to allow our minds to grow and be creative. Acknowledge, accept, advance.

– Promote positivity …Creating positive emotions and experiences can generate an upward spiral of growth and these should also be intentional activities.

– Generate new experiences …Teams that solve problems most successfully are those that use diverse experiences, skills and knowledge to debate and stretch thinking. Innovation is an iterative process: modifying, testing, adjusting, looking at improvements to existing ideas.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

9:45 AM – 10:30 AM


Go to Rome

Dr Helen Garr, The Wellbeing GP

Come on a journey, ending in Rome, learning along the way evidenced based, free and accessible tips and tools to recognise and prevent burnout, promoting wellbeing and happiness in life and work.

In this energetic and interactive session, you will learn about the five keyways to wellbeing and will be facilitated to identify goals to take forward to make sure you and your team are mentally and physically fit for the challenges ahead.

– Recognising when you or your team may be struggling with their mental health

– Learn about the most powerful legal performance enhancing drug we have and how to get it

– Learn 5 key, evidenced based, easy wellbeing wins for you and your teams that you can implement today

10:30 AM – 10:35 AM


Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin

10:35 AM – 11:35 AM

Refreshments and Exhibition Viewing

Behaviour and Culture Change

11:35 AM – 12:20 PM


How To Spot A Dead Duck.

Bob Cummins, Director, Sodak

When trying to reduce the chances of the reoccurrence of an accident, traditional actions usually include some sort of re-training and re-briefing, a revision of a process and perhaps a new or revised checklist. We might successfully carry out these actions only to be frustrated when a similar incident happens in another part of the business.

When trying to improve health and safety performance in general, we often look to some Behavioural and Cultural Change programme to help us improve attitudes and mindsets. We roll out some training with fanfare and taglines galore, only to become frustrated when performance stays where it is or perhaps even decreases.

Bob will discuss:

How we can design environments that support more of the behaviours we want.

How to spot things that may sound appealing but deliver little improvement.

How to spot things that will deliver improvement (and probably don’t sound appealing).

Climate Change and Sustainability

12:20 PM – 1:05 PM


21st Century Business Survival Kit 

Chris Hines MBE, A Grain of Sand

What skills and equipment do you and your business need to pack for the journey into the coming decades…

Whether we like it or not, whether we have realised it or not, the next few years will see transformational change in society, business and the very way we interact with each other and the environment. This talk will highlight the “must do’s” and dynamics of change to ensure not only personal and business survival, but also, hopefully, sustainable success.

Summary of challenges facing us all (in case anyone has missed them!).

How to catalyse actions.

A vision of our future

1:05 PM – 1:10 PM


Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin

1:10 PM – 2:10 PM

Buffet Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Inspirational Leadership

2:10 PM – 2:55 PM


When The Whistle Blows 

Brian McDermott

Brian will share with the audience how he’s enjoyed enormous success while coaching Leeds Rhinos but also how his team found itself in a relegation battle the year after achieving ‘The Treble’. The reaction he took to that failed season not only created once again the best team in the competition … but changed the course of his coaching there after. 


– ‘Real Communication’ 
– ‘Unity’ 
– ‘Make it funny’ 

Legal Advice and Updates

2:55 PM – 3:40 PM


The UK Workplace: The Challenge and The Change

Mark Scoggins, Solicitor Advocate, Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP

The composition and age distribution of the nation’s workforce is changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. By the end of 2021, around 40% of those in full-time employment or substantial part-time work will be aged over 50: in 2000 the proportion was around 33% and by 2030 is expected to be above 45%. Older workers are staying longer in post through choice or financial necessity. They will, as a generality, have increasing health issues and practical limitations on their physical robustness. Younger additions to the workforce bring vitality and ingrained IT skills, but there is significant concern that the continuing trend toward homeworking and the predominance of sedentary computer usage in place of traditional office work, meetings and face-to-face dealings, spurred on but not caused by the COVID pandemic, poses a threat to their mental as well as physical health. The HSE flagged up principal risks in a 2018 strategic report but little tangible progress seems to have been made toward addressing them.

Mark Scoggins will outline what he sees as the key issues for employers to tackle in the coming years. There will, as is often the case with Mark’s presentations, be more questions than answers.

A number of my employees are approaching the age of 65: can I insist that they retire when they reach that age?

Should I make changes to our system for monitoring health and welfare of the workforce? 

What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the way we manage health and safety? 

3:40 PM – 3:45 PM

Closing Remarks

Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin