The SHE Show North West 2021 – Delegate Ticket

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Tuesday 21st September 2021
Old Trafford, The Home of Manchester United
M16 0SZ



A delegate ticket gives you access to wealth of information including:

  • Complete full day Conference and Keynote Speakers
  • Access to the Exhibition rooms
  • Open networking areas
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Refreshments and drinks through the day

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Conference Programme

Stewart Hill

Finding Creativity and Innovation through Adversity

  • Minimise negative emotions … Negative emotions are normal and cannot be eliminated. We need to identify and rid our minds of corrosive negativity to allow our minds to grow and be creative. Acknowledge, accept, advance.
  • Promote positivity …Creating positive emotions and experiences can generate an upward spiral of growth and these should also be intentional activities.
  • Generate new experiences …Teams that solve problems most successfully are those that use diverse experiences, skills and knowledge to debate and stretch thinking. Innovation is an iterative process: modifying, testing, adjusting, looking at improvements to existing ideas.

Dr Helen Garr
The Wellbeing GP

Go to Rome

  • Recognising when you or your team may be struggling with their mental health
  • Learn about the most powerful legal performance enhancing drug we have and how to get it
  • Learn 5 key, evidenced based, easy wellbeing wins for you and your teams that you can implement today

Bob Cummins

How to spot a dead duck

  • How we can design environments that support more of the behaviours we want.
  • How to spot things that may sound appealing but deliver little improvement.
  • How to spot things that will deliver improvement (and probably don’t sound appealing).

Lucinda Farrington-Parker
Head of Sustainability

Sarah Fraser
Willmott Dixon

Scott James

Sustainability and Social Value Thrash Out

  • How to identify, assess and prioritise sustainability and social value goals within your organisation?
  • How to embed sustainability and social value into your business activities and how can it be reported/measured?
  • How to empower individuals to drive sustainability and social value  within your business?
  • People now take a much greater interest in the sustainability and social value credentials of businesses, how effective is your current approach to engage with new clients, or attract new team members to join your business?

Dr Shelley Stiles
Gateway HSW Consultants

Clare Richardson
Gateway HSW Consultants
Managing Partner

The Energiser: Mind Matters

As health and safety professionals we rely on communication, particularly verbal communication, as an essential component of our health and safety management systems. A better understanding of the limitations of our memory can help refine the ways in which we communicate critical information in a manner that people will remember more readily.

Join in the energiser and learn some top tips to make your health and safety communications memorable.

Brian McDermott
Field to Office

When The Whistle Blows 

Brian will share with the audience how he’s enjoyed enormous success while coaching Leeds Rhinos but also how his team found itself in a relegation battle the year after achieving ‘The Treble’. The reaction he took to that failed season not only created once again the best team in the competition … but changed the course of his coaching there after.

Mark Scoggins
Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP
Solicitor Advocate

Homeworking post-COVID; Questions and Challenges

  • Must an employer carry out a formal risk assessment of all its homeworkers’ workstations?
  • Should the assessment extend beyond digital display screen equipment ergonomics to include for example PAT testing, fire safety arrangements, trip hazards, perhaps even an asbestos survey?
  • Can the employer insist on making a physical inspection of a homeworker’s environment and equipment?
  • Must homeworkers allow employers access to their homes to assess safety?
  • Can the duty be sidestepped by moving homeworkers from employed to self-employed status?
  • Can the HSE or other enforcing authority insist on being given access to a homeworker’s house to check on safety arrangements?

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41 reviews for The SHE Show North West 2021 – Delegate Ticket

  1. Jamie White

    A fantastic event, well organised, thought provoking and educational.

  2. Mick Dumbarton (verified owner)

    Amazing day once more, with enthusiastic and engaging speakers. Definitely one of the highlights in the safety calendar.

  3. Michael Reilly (verified owner)

    Some very powerful and inspirational speakers that reignited my desire to make a difference

  4. Nigel Beedham (verified owner)

    Time well spent, a very enjoyable and informative day indeed.

  5. Julian Wilson

    Excellent thought provoking speakers. Gave us all something to think about.

  6. Neville Whitham (verified owner)

    An excellent show with a variety to suit all H,S & E professionals, particularly the guest speakers who broached some very difficult subject matters with their thought provoking presentations.

  7. Kent Fearon

    Excellent show every time, great presentations and speakers. I as a safety professional take lots back from the show to help the company in the future

  8. Alan Protheroe (verified owner)

    A truly great event with some inspirational speakers which have changed my thought and mindset within the area of behavioural Safety

  9. Michael Campbell (verified owner)

    An emotional rollercoaster. Every single speaker struck a chord with me in their own special way. I took away a raft of ideas and inspiration to explore not just in the workplace but also on a personal level. A huge thanks to the organisers, the exhibitors, all the speakers and to all the great people I met during the event. Loved it!!

  10. Ian Snowdon

    As usual and informative day, where different concepts were discussed and learnings implemented post conference

  11. Steve Houlden (verified owner)

    Interesting to see the same Health, Safety and Wellbeing challenges exist across all industries and the “plain talking” speakers at this conference make it easy to appreciate all issues.

  12. Derek Duffy (verified owner)

    Show and speakers were engaging, thought provoking and professional

  13. Lorraine Sant (verified owner)

    Expertly organised, thought provoking and challenging. Worth a day of any SHE professional’s time.

  14. Martin Bardle (verified owner)

    Some useful networking, but serial circuit speakers proliferating similar messages without answering the ‘So What’ and what am I going to do different? Scoggins provided some useful workable views form the legal perspective.

  15. Robert Bradley (verified owner)

    A well organised, stimulating and thought provoking event. Highly recommended to all HSE professionals

  16. Duncan Aspin

    Yet another great event with top quality speakers throughout

  17. Lynn Carroll (verified owner)

    A great conference, well organised with a very interesting programme and inspiring speakers

  18. Ian Casswell

    The SHE Show North West has consistently given a good return for the investment. In the present economic climate I have to carefully select the events I attend so as not to use up precious time and recourses. The SHE Show has consistently given a worthwhile return on these and I have every intension of attending future shows because of this.

  19. Neil Bimson (verified owner)

    Best she show I have attended all presenters had me gripped from the start to the very end! Amazing

  20. Rachel Butler (verified owner)

    Thank you to the event organisers, exhibitors and guest speakers. I had an exceptional day, taking a lot away with me that can be used to positively influence across our business and supply chain. I would definitely recommend future events. See you in 2019

  21. Shirley Parsons

    The SHE Show continues to provide thought-provoking conferences with the ideal opportunity to network with peers . Many thanks for the organisers for providing an event which is professional and yet personal

  22. Billy Rowan (verified owner)

    Brilliant event…..yet again.
    Well done to all the team.
    Keep up the good work.

  23. Caleb Tomes (verified owner)

    Excellent event, well planned and supported with a wide variety of pertinent and engaging topics.

  24. Glen Dobson (verified owner)

    Just gets better each year

  25. Philip Mort

    Great speakers, who made a impact through there presentations.

  26. Natalie Thorpe (verified owner)

    Great day out, met some lovely people. Interesting and hard hitting experiences shared reaffirming why we work in the roles we do.

  27. Mark French (verified owner)

    It is always good to come away from an event like this with a ‘list to do’.
    Normally I look to leave events mid afternoon, but the speakers made you want to stay. Well done!!

  28. Joanne Morris (verified owner)

    Good venue, good networking opportunity, interesting and thought provoking speakers.

  29. Kate Senior (verified owner)

    Hugely worthwhile to attend, really thought provoking personally in my role leading the Mental Health agenda at J.Murphy & Sons

  30. Steve Woods (verified owner)

    Very well organised with some inspirational speakers, an excellent experience and got to meet some really good characters.

  31. David Wilson (verified owner)

    Truly inspirational and thought provoking speakers who inspire me to keep doing what I do….

  32. KAREN JACKSON (verified owner)

    As always an informative and engaging event, well placed for the North West in Blackpool.

  33. Michael Derbyshire (verified owner)

    A very good all round day that was very factual and real, an ideal event for any SHE professional. It does what it says on the tin!! and the first time ever, I did not fall asleep!

  34. Tony Henocq

    The SHE show just keeps getting better and better and I always take new ideas and contacts away.

  35. Matt Dixon (verified owner)

    Great conference, every speaker offered something different with some really powerful messages.

  36. Dewi Roberts (verified owner)

    Excellent day, filled with different speakers to keep it all fresh and interesting.

  37. Craig Donelan (verified owner)

    Thought Provoking Day – very enjoyable!

  38. Dave Mason (verified owner)

    Great event and I really like the opportunity to meet up and network with colleagues during the day

  39. Andrew Mawson (verified owner)

    Always a fun but serious day good learning event

  40. Robert Moulton (verified owner)

    Well worth the time, a thought provoking experience.

  41. Simon Hall

    Simon Hall the Founder of The Nourish Group, I have the pleasure of attending lots of events with what we do at Nourish and The SHE show are really up there with the best events I have been to.

    Great Event, Great People, Great speakers.

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