We are proud to announce Washingtondowling Associates Ltd and The SHE Show are partners of The Standing Tall Foundation. A fantastic foundation supporting Veterans and disadvantaged young people.


“The Standing Tall Foundation aims to support veterans and disadvantaged young people. It will achieve this objective by drawing on the lived experience of William Andrew Reid MBE and delivering fully funded programmes, designed to improve, enhance and help individuals across a broad spectrum of needs.”

Supporting Principles …………………

  • We will seek funding from the private and public sectors, grant funding organisations and other support networks which will be appropriate to the types of programmes deemed necessary to meet our objectives.
  • We will work with businesses to fully engage them in the work of the Foundation, by providing events and forums to discuss mutual development of support programmes in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  • We will establish a base to operate from, sufficient to allow most classroom based programmes to be run in house and services to be provided on site. The centre will be called the Foundation HQ and will be a meeting place and focal point for the Foundations objectives.
  • We will pursue our objectives into communities, providing interventions when and where necessary to situations demanding an urgent response or where need is demonstrated.


The Standing Tall Foundation was set up to further the charitable aims of William Andrew Reid MBE. 

In October 2009, Corporal Andy Reid MBE stepped on a Taliban improvised explosive device while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Injured so badly that it was thought he would not survive, he defied the odds to the extent that, within a month, he was able to meet up with members of his patrol again. Since then as a triple amputee, he has gone on to carry out many arduous challenges to raise money and give back to the associations that helped him and his family through difficult times. 

Andy’s wars may be over, but his campaigning continues, this time the enemy is social issues in groups closest to his heart –veterans and disadvantaged young people. His new weapons lie in his own ‘lived experience’ and based on this he has established the Standing Tall Foundation.

Whilst he is proud to have served, he realises that the reasons that lead young people to join the armed forces are not always healthy ones. He is aware of the potentially damaging consequences of carrying personal issues into service only to have them compounded by traumatic events experienced whilst on active duty. Andy was both a young carer and suffered from being dyslexic at school. His following time in the army saw him on peacekeeping missions and frontline service, where eventually he was to encounter an IED which would dramatically change his life forever. As a veteran himself, Andy appreciates what it means to wear a uniform and the potential adverse outcomes of transitioning to a civilian life. This ‘lived experience’ makes him uniquely qualified to understand the pressures and stresses of the people he primarily wishes to help. 


“When I first met Andy several years ago, I saw a man who embodied bravery, courage, respect, integrity and selfless commitment to helping others. I could think of nobody more suited to the role of ambassador to the MorsonGroup and Andy has been active in not only helping our teams recruit ex-forces veterans into civilian careers but has also taken part in our charity activity. I’m incredibly proud to be supporting the Standing Tall Foundation and I look forward to seeing Andy make it expand so he can do what he does so well –helping vulnerable people.”

Ged Mason OBE

“Ged is a highly successful businessman, his company MorsonGroup have a global reach, but perhaps more importantly, he retains that ability to relate on an individual and personal level. He has become a very good friend and role model to me since I commenced working for MorsonGroup as a Brand Ambassador. It was therefore an easy choice when I started to consider who might be a potential patron for my foundation. In effect the decision made itself. Thank you again Ged for accepting the role and we look forward to many years of working together.” 

Andy Reid MBE


Veterans are defined as anyone who has served for at least one day in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) or Merchant Mariners who have seen duty onlegally defined military operations.

Veterans are not particularly disadvantaged by every day life, Government surveys suggest that they are as likely as the civilian population to access employment, health services, own their own home and so forth. It is the unique issues that a percentage can present with that demand an understanding of the root causes and how to address them.

Armed Forces Veterans under 65: According to an official report, St Helens is home to an estimated 10466 working-age veterans, which equates to nearly 6% of the overall population. Whilst as has been said not all veterans have issues to deal with. It is significant that veterans’ mental health problems cause difficulty in transitioning to civilian life, which can result in marital problems, loss of family and social support networks. Younger veterans are at high risk of suicide in the first two years after leaving service. Ex-service personnel are also vulnerable to social exclusion and homelessness, both of which are risk factors for mental ill health. 

Source https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/a/armed-forces-and-mental-health


There are many complex challenges that disadvantaged young people can face, they are disproportionately more likely to face unemployment, not enter education and training. 

These situations are born out of many different factors:

  • Chaotic personal lives and poor basic education –due to being a young carer or being in social care. 
  • This can easily lead on to mental health problems. Youngsters leaving the care system can be ill prepared for the financial pressures of living independently.
  • This can be compounded by falling into criminal activities and missing out on real work experience.

In these situations the Military can be viewed as a panacea to problems, rather than a life choice and a glass already half full of issues is potentially topped up by experiences outside normal life whilst in the military.


The Foundation has already made its presence felt with direct interventions, where established national organisations seemed impotent to act:

Individual .A.

A veteran who was about to become homeless along with his 15 year old daughter. We found him a home and paid his first months rent and bond. We have supported him further by paying for him to retake his expired gas-safe certificate.

Individual .B.

A young lady who had attempted during the COVID pandemic to take her own life. We arranged and paid for professional counselling to help her through the aftermath of this traumatic event and are pleased that she continues to make good progress. 

Individual .C. 

Another veteran who had been living in his motor vehicle for several weeks. We intervened immediately and paid for him to be placed in a local hotel, whilst we sorted the problems surrounding his pending Association Housing flat.

Andy is an experienced Brand Ambassador at Corporate level and brings his knowledge of what that area requires to extend its reach whilst satisfying any social responsibility obligations.


The Standing Tall Foundation originally existed by self-funding most of its work on a Direct Intervention basis; however the demands on the Foundation are rising, particularly as the longer term effects of the pandemic start to bite. Therefore we are engaged in bidding to appropriate funders, we are running various challenges and fundraisers; however we also recognise the appropriateness of seeking corporate and business support.

We are delighted that we have already signed up MorsonGroup, Cash Convertors, Emma Willis, CoseyHomes and Step Forward Housing, who have already made their respective donations.

To become a Foundation Partner, we are asking for a minimum donation of £3k and in return will be offering a baseline package of an Annual Awards Night Dinner and two further Club meetings per year, each with Guest Speaker and Meal.

However we hope to be able to secure greater patronage by working with business to develop bespoke partnerships. These will deliver true value to product or service by accessing personal Brand support from Andy Reid MBE and the Media Opportunities he is able to provide. These include:

  • The Standing Tall Foundation YouTube Channel hosted by Andy Reid MBE
  • The Andy Reid MBE Podcast
  • His co-hosting of the Forces Connect Station on Great British Radio


Andy Reid MBE

Please contact us for more information on how to become a Standing Tall Foundation partner.

Alternatively you can donate directly to The Standing Tall – Well-being in the Woods Go-Fund me page by clicking the button below.

The aims and objectives include support for youth development, care leavers, young carers and veterans.

The Well-being in the Woods programme seeks to inspire, motivate and provide resilience to face the fall out from the Covid-19 pandemic and life in general.