Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd is part of the KION group, the world’s second largest manufacturer of industrial trucks and one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for intralogistics. Linde develops high-performance solutions for intralogistics. The basis for this are electric and diesel forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, fleet management software, automation solutions, driver assistance systems, financing offers as well as  services around the forklift truck and operator training. Linde’s vehicle offer is unique. It comprises around 80 series with up to 20 model variants and around 9,000 equipment options. On the basis of this modular system, Linde manufactures the vehicles and fleets precisely tailored to their requirements for transport, storage, picking and stacking.

Training operators to use equipment safely is imperative to preventing accidents. Just like a new operator must pass a test and learn how to control their vehicle, forklift truck operators need to be taught how to handle loads, lift heavy goods safely and move around a warehouse. By training operators to manoeuvre their trucks safely, and operate safety software features on the vehicle, the chances of accidents are greatly reduced.

Linde’s product training programme can be tailored to individual warehouse requirements, and can also include members of management, so they’re able to make sure operators are using equipment safely and be able to train new members of staff or seasonal temporary workers.

Linde offers bespoke consultancy services that can help increase site safety. Safety scan consultancy provides an integrated and holistic analysis of your site and recommends measures that results in optimisation of safety in internal forklift and pedestrian traffic flow.

We have also created a range of safety features available as add-ons for our trucks, including our ‘Linde Safety Pilot’ software which signals to operators the optimal lift height and speed according to the load being carried regulating lifting, tilting and driving functions.

Warehouses pose a variety of opportunities for accidents to take place, and safety is always a concern when staff and machinery are both moving around in the same area. Heavy goods stored on high shelving, noisy environments making it hard to hear when machinery is around the corner and limited visibility beyond each aisle are all health and safety concerns in any warehouse.

The biggest problem facing warehouse managers by far is overcoming human error. Like all employees, operators driving the same trucks every day can slip into a routine, and can become complacent with safety checks.

To prevent this from happening, Linde has developed the ‘connect:’ system which means operator’s need to log in to activate their truck which can only be done once all the safety checks have been performed.

While it’s important to make sure the overall design of a warehouse is safe, with correct levels of lighting and wide enough aisles to ensure staff can avoid potential hazards, ultimately the biggest risk is when operators are not using equipment safely.

Operator’s should know how to operate machinery safely in any environment and know how to prevent accidents, falls or collisions with trucks or people.

Our Bluespot warning light also helps signal to staff in busy or noisy warehouses that a truck is reversing nearby, informing them of a potential hazard by shining a bright LED light onto the floor to warn people a truck is approaching so they have time to move out of its driving path. Using the latest radar sensing technology, Linde Speed Assist helps to prevent accidents by automatically reducing the maximum allowed traction speed in high risk areas such as warehouses and factory floors.

One of our most advanced systems is ‘connect:’ a database which can be accessed by both operators and warehouse managers. Operators log into ‘connect:’ and carry out their necessary pre-shift checks which must be completed in order to activate the truck. Warehouse managers can also access the database which tells them of any faults, maintenance requirements, damage reports and reminds them of upcoming routine checks on each truck in their fleet.

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