Delegate and Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Delegate Terms and Conditions

This online registration constitutes a legally binding agreement.

We will do our best to ensure that the conference goes ahead, but we reserve the right to cancel at any time. If we do so (other than for reasons outside of our control), we will refund your conference fee in full but will have no further liabilities to you. In particular, we will not meet the costs of any pre-booked accommodation or travel. However, where we are forced to cancel the conference as a result of events arising which are outside of our control, we will have no obligation to offer a refund of your conference fee.

If you cancel your booking, Washingtondowling Associates Ltd are under no obligation to refund you the initial conference fee paid. However should a delegate wish to transfer their delegate ticket to an alternative Washingtondowling Associates Ltd event we will endeavour to transfer your booking to an alternative event of the same value.

Substitutions of delegates may be accepted, via email or by telephone, before the event and provided that the proposed substitute delegate is from the same organisation as the original delegate.

Although substitutions may be accepted if notified in writing prior to the event (as set out above), non-arrivals will be liable for the full fee of the relevant conference package that the delegate was booked to attend.

We accept payment by cheque, credit card or BACs transfer. Please note that BACs transfers can only be received once an invoice has been sent. Credit card payments can be made via telephone, if you would like to pay over the phone please contact our finance department on 01257 450 060. Please note Washingtondowling Associates Ltd is unable to invoice international delegates. All delegates coming from outside the UK will need to make payment before the conference via credit card or they will not gain access to the conference. Washingtondowling Associates Ltd will not be able to issue visa letters unless payment has been received for the booking. All payments will be taken in GBP. The rate of exchange for accounts not held in GBP will be that set by the applicant’s credit card company. Washingtondowling Associates Ltd cannot accept liability for any losses due to the exchange rate applied. All refunds will be credited in GBP to the credit card used by the applicant for payment. The rate of exchange for accounts not held in GBP will be that set by the applicant’s credit card company. Washingtondowling Associates Ltd cannot accept liability for any losses due to the exchange rate applied.

The SHE Shows do not allow anyone attending in the capacity of a delegate to sell, offer or otherwise promote their products or services at a Show unless they are formally registered as an exhibitor. Should any delegate approach other delegates with a view to offering to sell, demonstrate or otherwise provide or seek to provide any products or services, whether by free trials or otherwise, the Organisers reserve the right to charge and recover from such delegate the exhibitor cost of £1750+ VAT


Although we will do our best to follow the published programme, we reserve the right to make changes (including the guest speakers and the times of their presentations). In the unlikely event that we need to change the venue, we will give you as much notice as is practicable. In the event that any such changes are made, no refund of the conference fee shall be made. The views expressed by guest speakers are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent those of Washingtondowling Associates Ltd . We can take no responsibility for the content or the accuracy of the speakers’ presentations.

There will be a professional photographer on-site and video production may take place during the conference, capturing material that may be used for future marketing and promotional purposes. By attending the event you are accepting that if photograph(s) and/or video footage are taken of you at the event, Washingtondowling Associates Ltd owns the right to use the materials for any purpose they see fit.

The name and affiliation of each registered attendee will be included in the conference delegate list at the event and post event (hard copy and electronic versions). Including your name, company, job title, email address, telephone number and business address in the delegate list that is only made available to sponsors and exhibitors at the conference (hard copy and electronic versions). Please contact Washingtondowling Associates directly via email ([email protected]) or telephone (01257 450 060) if you do NOT wish us to make your details available to conference sponsors and exhibitors. We would like to send you details via email about events which we feel would be of interest to you. Please contact Washingtondowling Associates directly via email ([email protected]) or telephone (01257 450 060)if you do NOT wish us to contact you.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions. Delegates will be expected to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the rules of the venue and the reasonable requests of the organisers. Failure of delegates to do so will entitle us to cancel or terminate your attendance at the conference.

We will not accept liability to you for any death or personal injury caused by our negligence, any fraudulent misrepresentation by us, and any liability which cannot be excluded by law. In no other circumstances will we have any liability to you except as set out in these Terms and Conditions. In particular, we accept no liability for the loss of your personal property at the conference.

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

‘Organisers’ – Washingtondowling Associates Limited
‘Exhibitor’ – Exhibitor, Employees & Contractors

Any Exhibitor who has not submitted a full risk assessment to the Organisers prior to the event will not be allowed to set-up until completed.

The Exhibitor may not substitute itself, sublease or share any stand space.

The property of the Exhibitor is deemed to be under their responsibility, control and oversight at all times, including in transit to and from the venue and within the confines of their stand. On set-up day any valuables must be stored overnight either in the Organisers’ office or kept with the Exhibitor. Please note it is not possible to secure or lock certain areas of the exhibition areas.

The Organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of or damage to or theft of property (including materials, displays and equipment) belonging to the Exhibitor.

The Organisers will only allow two Exhibitors displaying similar products or services at each show, with the exception of Headline Sponsors. In the event of an Exhibitor displaying a wide range of various products or services, a decision must be made as to which product or service you would like to choose as your primary selection, this will then be used to define when the organisers have reached the maximum of two Exhibitors displaying similar products or services.

If the Exhibitor is displaying products or any material which is determined, in the organisers view, to be inappropriate, including for example, materials that are offensive, disparaging or discriminatory, the Exhibitor will be asked to remove its products or exhibition stand.

The Exhibitor must take care when installing/dismantling their equipment and stand as not to cause damage to the venue be it carpet, walls, floor or other. In the unfortunate circumstance this occurs the Exhibitor will be solely responsible for all costs of remedying any damage and repairs and must be replaced to its original condition at the expense of the Exhibitor.

All exhibits must be properly protected to avoid any danger to any person or persons visiting or taking part in the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organisers against all such claims, actions, costs and liabilities on account of any injury or damage being caused by or accountable to any exhibit to any persons whatsoever.

Under no circumstances must exhibits be removed or dismantled, either partially or totally, prior to 2pm the day of the event.

In the eventuality of the need to revise the layout of the Exhibition, for any reason, the Organisers reserve the right to transfer an Exhibitor to a suitable alternative stand location.

Exhibitors shall not distribute any advertising or printed material in the area of the entrance, exit or conference room. Nor in such a manner as to cause annoyance or disturbance to other Exhibitors. In the event of a complaint the matter shall be referred to the Organisers for their binding decision. Exhibits and other devices within the stand shall be operated and controlled so that there is no disturbance to other Exhibitors.

All materials used in construction of interior displays must be either made of non-flammable material or be effectively fire proof. Exhibitors shall not place or keep on the space allocated to them any substance that is, in the opinion of the Organisers, a dangerous, explosive or objectionable nature. All aisles and fire exits must be kept clear of exhibits. Exhibits must adhere to all fire and safety regulations for the duration of the event. All Exhibitor power sockets must not be overloaded e.g.: multi adaptors, all equipment must have been PAT tested.

For the duration of the Exhibition, Exhibitors must ensure that all contractors, sub-contractors, agents and employees in the construction and dismantling of their stands / exhibits, and in the course of all work carried out on site by all or any of them, carry out the necessary steps to comply with the health and safety legislation applicable in the UK. Exhibitors must ensure stand personnel will be instructed and trained in matters of Health & Safety in order to carry out their tasks competently, have sight of the Risk Assessment duly completed for the Exhibition and are made aware of the Venue Emergency Evacuation Procedures. Exhibitors’ attention is drawn in particular to the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 which are to be complied with at all times and in all respects

By confirming your booking of exhibition space, the exhibitor agrees to protect and cover the Organisers and the venue from all claims, demands, damages, and liability of any kind, including loss, damage or destruction of property, breach of contract, injury, negligence, abuse or wilful misconduct on the part of any party. The exhibitor, at its sole expense, must take out all necessary insurance, including Public Liability Insurance which covers events outside and away from business premises. The Organisers nor the venue owners provide insurance for the benefit of the exhibitors.

If by any reason of fire, storm, tempest, lightning, material emergency, war, labour disputes, strikes or lockouts, civil disturbances, explosions, inevitable accident, flood emergency, adverse weather, terrorist act, threat of terrorism, force majeure or any cause not within the control of the Organisers whether ejusdem generis or not, the opening of the exhibition is prevented or postponed or abandoned, or the building becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the exhibition, the Exhibitor shall have no claim for damages of any kind against the Organisers in respect of any loss or damage thereby sustained and the Organisers shall be entitled to retain such part of all sums paid by the Exhibitors as the Organisers consider necessary. If, in the opinion of the Organisers, by rearrangement or postponement of the period of the exhibition, or by substitution of another hall or building, or in any reasonable manner the Exhibition can be carried through, the contract for the space shall remain binding upon the parties, except as to size and position of stands as to which the Organisers shall determine any modification, substitution or rearrangement they consider necessary. If the Organisers cancel the exhibition for any other reason the Exhibitor shall have no claim against the Organisers except for the reimbursement of the cost of the exhibitor stand payment made to the Organisers.

There will be professional photography and video production taking place during the conference, exhibition and refreshment breaks, capturing material that may be used for future marketing and promotional purposes. By exhibiting at the event you are accepting that if photograph(s) and/or video footage are taken of you at The SHE Show, Washingtondowling Associates Ltd owns the right to use the materials for any purpose they see fit. As there will be flash photography, please contact [email protected] prior to the event, should this cause any concern or you suffer from any medical condition which may be affected by the above.