We are proud to announce Shirley Parsons will once again be an Official Event Partner for The SHE Show 2024/25 series of events!

Shirley Parsons is a rapidly expanding professional services firm that provides Health & Safety, Sustainability, and ESG expertise to clients around the world with offices in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Established over 15 years ago as a specialist executive search business, the company now also provides wider HSEQ consultancy services via in-house consultants. Its most recent development is the launch of a HSEQ & ESG talent consulting service enabling clients to review, benchmark, develop and engage their teams to maximise the value that they deliver to the business. Shirley Parsons continues to grow internationally and through the provision of a multitude of HSEQ services helps to build a safe, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Vicki Washington, Founder of The SHE Show commented on the Partnership:

“This is now the sixth year we have worked with Shirley Parsons as an Official Event Partner, and we are delighted to have them on board once again. I can honestly say they are a fantastic team to work with! Not only do they work with senior Safety, Health and Environment and Quality Professionals, they really get to know the individuals, building client relationships and in turn pin-pointing precise requirements, specific to candidates and organisations alike.”

MAPP: HSEQ Personality Profiling Tool

MAPP is Shirley Parsons HSEQ specific personality profiling tool that considers an individuals Motivations, Aspirations, Personality and Progression to help them to MAPP out their career journey and employ the best fit for your team in HSEQ.

How can it help individuals?

The MAPP tool (formerly known as RoTi) is the perfect way to improve your-self-awareness and give you the opportunity to self-reflect and grow. It helps you to identify your key strengths and areas for development as well as understanding your key motivators, aspirations, and ways you can thrive in your career.

Your goal is to develop the best career you can. MAPP is Shirley Parsons bespoke, HSEQ specific profiling tool that helps you understand more about your personality traits and related behaviours. It helps you understand more about the career journey you want to pursue and enables you to create a pathway to get there. You will also receive a 1:1 coaching session to run through your report, provide further context and highlight and discuss areas for growth.

How MAPP helps organisations?

Based on the Big Five/Five factor approach of assessing personality traits, MAPP delivers a deeper understanding of a candidate, their personality traits, and related behaviours and offers true value add when used as part of your recruitment process. It also gives you the insight required to help you retain, engage, and motivate the candidate once they join your organisation.

Qualifications and experience are easy to verify, however personality is often assessed by ‘gut feel’. MAPP provides richer insight into a candidate and gives you the confidence in your decision making. The cost of making the “wrong hire” for any organisation is significant, and MAPP enables you to ensure you find the right candidate for your team, organisation and enables you to help them reach their full potential when they are in your organisation. Shirley Parsons Talent Consultancy Director Shona Paterson says:

“MAPP helps both clients and candidates grow. It’s not just about hiring the right person, it’s about that person then thriving. The use of MAPP enables you to look at cognitive diversity within teams and highlights areas where the team and individuals can grow and develop.”

To find out more about MAPP or how it could help you or your team, click here.