The SHE Show Thrash Out Leadership, Behaviour and Culture Change… “If you think you’re leading, but no-one is following then you are only taking a walk!” (John C Maxwell)

Wednesday 12th May 2021, 10:00am – 11:00am

What is The SHE Show Thrash Out all about?

We are proud to announce the launch of a new FREE online monthly series of webinars entitled The SHE Show Thrash Out. As the name suggests, this will be a frank, honest and open discussion on selected topics with our chosen conversationalists. Ultimately, we want all attendees to takeaway new thought patterns, inspiration, motivation, hints and tips to take on board and share with colleagues.

Leadership, Behaviour and Culture Change… “If you think you’re leading, but no-one is following then you are only taking a walk!” (John C Maxwell)

Our third Thrash Out session will be all about Leadership, Behaviour and Culture Change… “If you think you’re leading, but no-one is following then you are only taking a walk!” (John C Maxwell) Wednesday 12th May 2021, 10:00am – 11:00am

Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin will facilitate the discussion, joined by the following conversationalists…

– Poppy Jaman OBE, Global Ambassador for Mental Health & CEO, City Mental Health Alliance, Founder – Re-Balance
– Martin Coyd OBE, Head of Health & Safety, Capital & Counties Properties PLC
– Nigel Girling, Senior Consultant, The Inspirational Development Group
– Bob Cummins, Director, Sodak Ltd
– Dr Shelley Stiles, Partner Director, Gateway HSW Consultants Ltd

(see short biographies below)

What will be discussed?

  • What’s the role of ruthless compassion in where we are now, and what is the role of that in where we are going now as leaders, organisations and leadership teams?
  • What would happen if we put mental health into health and safety? So, when we say Health and Safety, and the word Health, every single leader, every single manager actually recognises that as mental health and physical health. What would change in the systems that we operate, and we build?
  • When you have a safety programme, what really makes the difference in your opinion – and are you proving that, as in are you gathering data? Can you prove that what you have done has been causal, in the improvement, and if so, how? And if not, then why not?
  • Creating a sense of unity and identity is important for a positive and mature culture. What practical ways can organisations achieve this as we progress through 2021 and beyond?
  • You can have the best processes and systems in the world, but if your people are not with you, you’re just wasting your time because people will nod and agree and behave in the way we prescribe to them. So how do we ensure that they are bought in and part of finding the solution?


Duncan Aspin, HSEQS Director, VolkerStevin

Duncan has worked in construction for over 30 years both operationally on site and as a health and safety professional. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing successful behaviour change within organisations and champions embracing a positive, inclusive and solution focused culture.


Poppy Jaman OBE, Global Ambassador for Mental Health & CEO, City Mental Health Alliance, Founder – Re-Balance

Poppy Jaman OBE is an internationally respected mental health advocate, national policy advisor and social entrepreneur. A global voice of authority on workplace mental health, she is the CEO of the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA), a coalition of multinationals working together to create a culture of good mental health and build a global community influencing change and stigma. Poppy is also a Director at Re=Balance and a Trustee for The Centre of Mental Health.

Poppy was instrumental in the creation of the NHS’s Every Mind Matters platform and was named by the Secretary of State in Parliament as one of England’s mental health experts.  In 2018, Poppy was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services to people with mental health issues and also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Gloucestershire. In 2019 she won Woman of The Year at the GG2 Culture & Diversity Leadership Awards and was named a Game Changer in the FT women of 2019 list.

Poppy was the founding CEO of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England and, under her leadership the organisation developed from a small government project into a fast-growing, commercially successful Community Interest Company recognised by the FT in 2017 as one of the fastest growing SME’s in Europe. She also served two terms on the Advisory Board of Public Health England (PHE).


Martin Coyd OBE, Head of Health & Safety, Capital & Counties Properties PLC

Martin Coyd is Head of Health & Safety at Capco and has had leadership H&S roles at Mace, Lendlease and Skanska over the past 20 years.  Beginning his working life as a chain-boy at Fairclough Tunnelling, Martin then joined the Royal Engineers, spending 18 years in The Corps.

Martin trained as a Mental Health First Aider in 2011 and is a practicing MHFA instructor.  He has also completed the Suicide First Aid course

Martin has a leading role in the Building Mental Health Framework and was appointed to the Thriving at Work Leadership Council

Martin is a Stonewall Champion and was named in the Financial Times OUTstanding Global Top 30 LGBT Executive Allies list in 2015.

Martin was named in the SHP list of the 10 Most Influential in Health and Safety, in 2017, 2018 & 2019

He is Chair of Wheelchair Rugby League and General Manager of the England Team who are preparing for the World Cup in November 2021

Martin was awarded an OBE in 2013


Nigel Girling, Senior Consultant, The Inspirational Development Group

Having spent almost 40 years at board level – the majority as a CEO or Chairman – Nigel is very much a practising strategic leader, a trusted adviser to senior leaders and organisations and a sought-after leadership mentor who has worked with thousands of leaders in hundreds of organisations. Nigel is a popular writer, speaker and thought-leader in the fields of leadership and engagement, who has one foot in the daily work of a strategic leader and the other in a number of academic roles.

Nigel is often viewed as a disruptive influence (which he rather likes) and a contrarian (ditto). He is certainly someone who is prone to taking a different path to the norm on almost any topic and to challenging the status quo and accepted wisdom at every opportunity.

In 2020, he stood down after a decade as the CEO and Director of The National Centre for Strategic Leadership to take up a role as senior consultant to the Inspirational Development Group at RMAS, designing international leadership development programmes for their many major multi-national clients.

For years a committed believer in blended and virtual immersive learning as the future of leadership development, Nigel now spends much of his time filming tutorial and mentoring videos at IDGs digital studios, creating digital content, delivering webinars and writing think-pieces and papers for the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Leadership & Management, The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management, The Engagement Task Force and IDG.

Despite advancing years (!) he has lost little of his fire and is always ready to engage in lively debate with any leader he feels needs to do more to critically analyse their style, approach and thinking. As a colleague once said, “Arguing with Nigel is like mud-wrestling with a pig. After a while, you start to realise the pig is having more fun than you are”.

Whether it is as a member of the Qualifications & Technical Panel of the Chartered Management Institute in the UK, a Subject-Matter Expert for several other representative bodies, leading programmes at post-graduate and doctoral levels, addressing a conference or challenging leaders to raise their game, Nigel is passionate about the way engaging leadership can improve the lives of employees, customers and other stakeholders.


Bob Cummins, Director, Sodak Ltd

I help companies create safer, more secure, healthier and more effective places of work.

I am an engineer, I used to be a civil engineer, I’m now a behavioural engineer. I specialise in helping leaders create environments that bring out the best in their people through the application of behavioural science.  I run Sodak Limited, a behaviour design agency. My background is construction, in the later part of my career, I specialised in health and safety.

I become increasingly disheartened and frustrated with the way it was all heading. Piles of procedures and paperwork, increasingly patronising initiatives and the incessant preaching that “all harm was preventable”. I mean, come on, how can all harm be preventable when we still rely on people?

Safety just isn’t a priority; if it were, we would be given unlimited budget and time.

No, safety has to be a value. Some harm will befall some people during their lives. We need to recognise this and continually improve, not shut down conversations because we are too scared to admit someone, somewhere might get hurt.

In 2008 I started learning the principles of behavioural science. This helped me see why so much of what had been creeping into health and safety seemed like such nonsense. Over the next five years, I studied the subject extensively. I became completely absorbed in understanding why people do what they do.

The more I learnt, the more I could identify the source of the chaos and see the harm caused by ill-informed initiatives. In 2011 I set up Alternative Safety Ltd to challenge the entrenched thinking about health and safety.

I formed Sodak in 2013 with the express aim of helping people understand people. Our team includes academics, consultants, industry experts and specialists. We help organisations improve performance through the application of behavioural science and evidence based management.

Learning this stuff changed my life and I want to share it with you too.


Dr Shelley Stiles, Partner Director, Gateway HSW Consultants Ltd

Shelley has over 20 years’ experience in health and safety management across both public and private sectors, including the management of health and safety functions for a portfolio of building, civil engineering and rail construction projects. During her career Shelley has spent time both on and off site driving an improvement in health and safety culture with a core philosophy of making good safety habitual at the work face.

Shelley’s experience ‘on site’ is supported by her theoretical and academic knowledge, which integrate to make an effective solutions focused approach to industry problems. Over the years Shelley has been a member of a number of industry working groups to improve safety and health including ISLG Vice Chair, Women in Health and Safety, Rail Research UK.

Since 2009, Shelley has worked with a range of organisations (large and small) across different disciplines – Clients, Designers, Consultants, Main Contractors, Manufacturers and Contractors – to lead and support improvement programmes delivering improved business performance striving for a step change in health, safety and wellbeing culture and behaviours in the workplace.

Shelley continues to facilitate a forward-thinking approach, undertaking research that will help industry in everyday challenges, as well as embracing the opportunity presented by new technology.

Specialist areas of interest are safety strategy, leadership, developing organisational safety culture maturity and the application of human factors in the workplace.