Simon Hall, has a deep rooted passion for helping others succeed in their health, life and business. Simon very quickly became a industry figure, international speaker and founder of global health, wellness and personal development group, Nourish You. 
Simon, as well as his team operate all over the world hosting wellness & development retreats, events, corporate and also personal coaching.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of people by successfully transforming the way they think, look and feel. Athletes, business leaders, their teams / employees, speakers and influencers. With many of these succeeding towards their goal and striving forward. I consistently see patterns, habits and behaviours within those heading towards their goal.

But what is it that they do that makes them succeed and what can we all take away from it? 

Here’s a few things I see that anyone can take away, learn from and implement that will help them win in any area….. 

Walking into fear: 

They see fear as a form of growth and accept that this is something that can / will crop up at some point. For most those fears are failure, not being good enough or what others will think and say. 

They lean forwards into fear and learn from what lies on the the other side. 

Remember: Whenever you feel fear it is an opportunity to break down barriers, break the chains that anchor you back and create new beliefs or the adverse validate the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 

Think about it: Fear is thought, most of the time unfactual and a story we play over and over. The more that fear is left to fester in time the more it grows. 

Fear, you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the cold chill, the goose bumps, that feeling is providing you with a choice of actions, so walk into it. 

The voice that says “what if” imagine if it spoke a different story “what if” it turns out to be the best thing you have ever done and opens up a huge door of opportunity…. you wouldn’t hesitate. 

Energy Balance: 

Energy balance, they understand the importance of SELF and the importance of rest. 

This is something I speak about a lot at gigs & corporate events, we must look after number one and recharge in a positive manner.

Hands up…… Who has burned themselves out in the past?  MY HAND IS WELL up there. 

Take a look at the energy quadrant.

Most of the time we are jumping between HIGH PERFORMANCE & SURVIVAL that often we bottom out and bammmm energy has gone. Your adrenals are smoked and all you want to do is stay in bed, speak to no one and watch old episodes of Friends (now on Netflix). 

This happens as a case of not understanding the importance of taking a productive break AKA YOU TIME. 

A disconnected rest window, a period of you time, clear thoughts, nothing stressful and time to realign to what you are doing. 

Now in the corporate world, I love this as it’s one lesson I can give that sees huge impact in a company’s creativity, energy, clarity and work ethic. 


Energy balance is critical for you to perform at your best in every area of your life. 

  • Family 
  • Relationship
  • Mind 
  • Performance 
  • Business 

Without you the above collapses. Understanding the importance of productive rest really is a game changer. The best thing is that it’s has been shown that a small window of 10 minutes is all it takes to gain mindfulness and clarity. 

If you haven’t got 10 minutes to invest in yourself then I suggest you stop here and put the phone down. 


When was the last time you have took stock over everything you were doing and asked. 

  • Is this for me? 
  • Is this moving me forwards? 
  • Is this growing me personally? 
  • Is this adding value to my life? 
  • Am I enjoying myself? 

Recalibration is a fantastic tool just massively under looked. It’s a case of looking into all your energy outlets… (Where are you placing your investments, by this I don’t mean money but more your time, energy etc) 

Keeping check of all these outlets. In doing so this allows you to be fully aware on everything you are doing and allows you to very quickly change something that may be leaching your time, energy or confidence. 

Example….. I was over at Google the other day and I found out that 2 hours+ is the average time spent in a day on social media by us Brits….. Yup, shocking isn’t it?

1 – Where could that time be spent better? 

2 – How do you feel whilst using it? Most people I speak to use it as a comparison tool and that in itself is soul destroying!


Become a protector of your time, energy and confidence

Just like you check your bank balance to see if it’s healthy, check where your time, energy, confidence is being spent also. To me they are more valuable currencies than any and if one of those valuable 3 goes it has an affect on all of them. 

These are 3 things to remember I see people who are winning doing on the regular. 

In short….. 

They face fear head on, I can assure you at one point that fear started small… maybe saying “hi” to a stranger

They look after number one, before the rest of the world get’s a look in, if they are performing at their best then everything around them can get the best of them 

They are super aware, if something isn’t working or making them feel a certain way it gets changed.

These are a few things that can help you raise your game, whatever the goal.

  • Fitness and health 
  • Social and relations 
  • Business 
  • Performance

Let me know if this helped you, Go Win! 

If you want to chat more my door is alway open just reach out. 

Simon Hall
Nourish Life Group

[email protected]

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