Ludicrous‌ ‌Leadership – Part 5 

Useful phrases for the leader who has long ago been rendered obsolete, but hasn’t realized it yet…

– By Nigel Girling

What they say….

“Do you have any questions?”

This is a favourite of managers who want to look supportive, helpful and ready to roll-up their sleeves and muck in. Come in and talk to me, I’m always here to help you. I’m just a regular person – always willing to drop whatever I’m doing to talk to you and try to help. We have an open and supportive culture here. Didn’t you see the posters? We’ve even got beanbags and a funky social space where all our people can get together…

What they really mean…

“So who wants to look like a moron who didn’t understand the thing we were talking about?”

Or alternatively…

Who wants to prolong the endless, screaming agony of this meeting by raising some pointless issue right at the end so that everyone who just wants to get home can seethe, glare and radiate hate at them?”

What most managers are saying here is ‘don’t ask me any questions. We’re doing this and I don’t give a rat’s posterior what you think about it. Think of it as like the bit that says ‘any other business’ at the end of a 5 hour meeting. It’s verbal punctuation. It is definitely not, and I really mean this, an opportunity for you to challenge what is being proposed. Do that and your card will be marked. For ever.

Written by Nigel Girling, Senior Consultant, Inspirational Development Group

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