Whilst working for a recognised worldwide brand I was tasked with changing the culture of the organisation and thus I embarked on a behavioural change programme to encourage all employees, contractors and visitors to act safely and lead by example.  This became known as the STAR (Stop Think Act/Ask Review) Principle adapted from a simple theme by BNFL.

The aim was to create a simple trigger to promote safe acts that is preventative and not reactive. To encourage awareness and understanding of individual responsibility and accountability regarding safety whether at home, work or at play.  We as individuals need to understand that we must have ownership of our actions.  The aim of the STAR principle was to encourage everyone to own their own safety.

  • Stop – Do not rush into your jobs
  • Think – About what you are going to do BEFORE you do it
  • Act – Do the job SAFELY
  • Ask – If in Doubt Ask!
  • Review – Did you do the job as safely as possible?  If not, what can you do to make it safer next  time?

It quickly became known as Stop, Think and Ask Roger!  This is when I knew I had changed the culture, that and when one of the shop floor staff told me they went and put their safety shoes on instead of flip-flops whilst mowing their lawn!

Before implementing the STAR Principle, there had been 762 days lost time injuries over a 6-year period.  The programme was then delivered to over 450 people including the term contractors and in the 7-year period following there were 62 days lost time injuries.  The organisation also achieved 1000 days without a lost time injury, recognised in the local press.

Remember YOU are responsible for both your health & safety and of those around you!

Written by Roger Rustom, Safety Consultant, Risk Management Refreshed Ltd.

Roger is a highly successful Risk Management (Health & Safety) Professional, whose progressive career has been based upon a platform of over 18 years specialist technical knowledge and experience.  Working at senior level in the UK and internationally from site to boardroom within the top tier of manufacturing, warehousing and logistics environments. A Fellow of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management and Chairman of Yorkshire & North East Branch of IIRSM.

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