Ludicrous‌ ‌Leadership – Part 1 

Useful phrases for the leader who has long ago been rendered obsolete, but hasn’t realized it yet…

– By Nigel Girling

What they say….

“I’m not here to be popular”

Usually a phrase used by the sort of leader that most people wish they didn’t have to work with. It’s generally said by someone who is either just about to do or say something autocratic and unnecessarily unkind, or who did so earlier and is seeking to make it seem like a good idea. Often mistaken for being ‘strong’ or ‘dynamic’ and the sort of ‘tough-talking’ manager who tells themselves it’s ok to behave like a horrible person because they are someone who is prepared to make the tough decisions. In fact, they are usually alienating their people, losing any trust they may have inadvertently built up and supressing performance to a minimal level. Nice work.

What they really mean…

“I like wielding power, it helps me to deal with my gnawing sense of inadequacy and insecurity”

The more sophisticated contemporary leader has usually learned that they achieve far greater levels of performance and a more engaged and creative culture by being inclusive and decent, treating their people as… well… people. They gain the trust and commitment of their people by deserving it and by giving respect. They are, most decidedly, not ‘weak’ or ‘soft’ and may have extremely high expectations, but they convey this to their teams and colleagues as a shared commitment through enthusiasm and passion, by helping them to join together to achieve something worth caring about. For the avoidance of doubt, that is usually something that actually matters, not just enabling some investors to increase their bank balance at the expense of employees, customers and suppliers.

Written by Nigel Girling, Senior Consultant, Inspirational Development Group

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